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Edward J. Blakely | Professor
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Dr. Edward J. Blakely is Honorary Professor of Urban Policy United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and the Director of the Planning Research Center. He was named by Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans in 2007 as the Mayor’s Executive Director for Recovery. His post includes coordinating all aspects of the City and Parish’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. He reported directly to the Mayor and has coordinating responsibilities for the use of all City resources to accomplish this task. He was formerly Dean of the Dean of the Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, New School University.

Ed is an internationally recognized leader in urban community development and has been directly involved in strategic planning, financing and real estate development and project management for more than thirty years. He serves on several corporate boards including LandVision Development Corporation a multi-million dollar real estate development firm. He is a principal with Humboldt Realty of Oakland, California. He served on the Advisory Board of Bendigo Bank and Board of Ecotuitive Corporation. He was named by President Clinton to serve as Vice Chairman of the Presidio Trust. He has been engaged in both urban and rural research. His rural research gained him the Community Development Research award in 2002. His urban research led Samuel Guggenheim Fellowship 1995. He has been a named lecturer or visiting faculty member at Oxford, Cambridge, Rutgers, and Harvard, MIT, University of Wisconsin, Penn, UCLA, Sydney University, Melbourne University, and several internationally prestigious forums. He serves on the National Academy of Sciences Panel on Urban Development and Transportation.

As a consultant and advisor, Ed has been responsible for leading teams in planning and implementing solutions for major urban areas in the United States and overseas. He has been the major economic development consultant for Sydney, and Melbourne Australia, City of Oakland as well as cities of major jurisdictions throughout the United States. He was the primary planner and resource person for two Mayors in Oakland California. He was responsible for the major downtown revitalization plan for Oakland as well as that City's earthquake and fire recovery projects. He has extensive experience in economic development and transportation and has led the Cypress Freeway project among others. He teaches urban and rural development, regional policy and community development. He currently serves as advisor to the OECD and state governments in the United States, Australia, Sweden and Japan. Since 1992, he has been a policy advisor to the Mayor of the City of Oakland, California and ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Oakland, Calif., and finishing second to Ex-Governor Jerry Brown in 1998.


Urban Leadership Award, University of Pennsylvania for leadership in urban policy in reshaping New Orleans, 2008

The Eliot Richardson Award of the American Academy of Public Administration for Ethics and Service in Public Administration, 2008 Alumnus of the Year at the University of California at Riverside, 2007

New South Wales Chapter of the Planning Institute of Australia Research Prize with Nicole Gurran for Seachange Research, 2006

Visiting Scholar at keynote speaker at the Helsinki Technical University at the 50th Anniversary of the new Town of Tapiola, Finland September 2003

Honoured as First Speaker at the University of Western Sydney Annual Sir Ian Turbott Lecture July 2003
Riverside California Black History Day Grand Marshall for Black History and Pioneers Parade in Riverside, Calif. Feb. 4, 2003

Edward J. Blakely Centre for Sustainable Suburban Development dedicated on the University of California at Riverside on Feb 4, 2003

Community Development Society Award for Lifetime Research Achievement 2002

Keynote Speaker at the Annual Conference of the American Planning Association April 2002

Elected Fellow National Academy of Public Administration 2001

Chair for the Western Region Oxford University Rhodes Scholarship Committee 1998

Appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Presidio Trust in 1997

Lincoln Land Policy Institute Senior Fellow and Harvard University Visitor for Spring 1995

One of 40 Achievers recognized by the University of California-Riverside on its 40th Anniversary
October 1994

Received the Samuel Guggenheim Fellowship 1995

Presented the Palme Academic by the Republic of France for contributions to international education

Winner of the Paul Davidoff Award, Best Book in Planning, 1993 Distinguished Contribution, American Planning Association, 1992

Outstanding Faculty Member, UC Berkeley graduating from UC Riverside, voted by the Faculty Alumni and Faculty, Riverside, 1992

Athletic Hall of Fame UC Riverside Athletic Foundation, University of California, for football, basketball, track & rugby, 1991

Candube Lecturer, Rutgers University Distinguished Lecturer, 1991

San Francisco Foundation Award, San Francisco Foundation for Human Relations in the Bay Area, 1990

Distinguished Service Award, Community Development Society of America, 1989

Special Service Award, City of Oakland, California, 1989

Fulbright Fellow, Industrial Policy; Urban and Rural 1986, Sweden, 1985/6 Visiting Fellow, Australian Institute Urban Affairs, 1985

Visiting Scholar, Germany Today: Politics, Economy, Culture, The German Academic Exchange Deutscher Adademischer Austauschdienst, 1984

Regents Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1983

Symposium Leader, U.S. Congress Committee on Agriculture Agricultural Communities: The Interrelationship of Agriculture, Business, Industry and the Government in the Rural Economy, 1982.

U.S. Rural Service Award (1968); NAACP Service Award (1970); Community Service Awards from cities in U.S. and Australia


United States Studies Centre University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 2006
Tel. +61423313469